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Inspection Equipment D270

The Elcometer 270 Range utilises the wet sponge technique and has been designed to set a new standard for wet sponge detectors - namely, a high quality, low voltage detector with similar accessories to a high voltage spark tester.

  • Automatic voltage calibration and sensitivity checks
  • Low battery indicator
  • Visual and audio alarms
  • Integral and separate wand functionality
  • Three model variants - single, dual or triple voltages
  • Easy release snag proof cables
  • Large standard sponge
  • Available in an inspection kit for all your inspection requirements

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Inspection Equipment B154

Made from ABS plastic, the Elcometer 154 Wet Film Combs are designed to be used only once and kept as a record of wet film thickness measurement for your ISO or customer requirements.

Both Metric and Imperial values are on the same comb, 50 to 800µm on one side, 2 to 32 mils on the reverse.

Supplied in a carton containing 500 combs.


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Inspection Equipment B112AL

These punched aluminium combs offer the User a low cost method of measuring the wet film thickness.

Being punched from Aluminium, the Elcometer 112AL are not as accurate as the high precision version.

Supplied in a pack of 10 combs, which have Metric units (25 - 3000µm) on one side and Imperial values (1 - 118 mils) on the reverse.


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Inspection Equipment B112-3236

Precision formed in stainless steel to be long-lasting and reusable, these hexagonal wet film combs are supplied in a range of thicknesses and can measure up to a maximum thickness of 3000µm (120 mils). This high upper value allows measurement of thick coatings which are difficult to test by other methods.

  • Place a comb perpendicular to and touching the substrate. Hold the comb in position and wait a few seconds until the teeth are "wet."
  • Remove the comb from the film.
  • The wet film thickness lies between the biggest value "coated" or "wet" tooth and the smallest value "uncoated" or "dry" tooth value.

  • data sheet
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